On 7th June 2017 Civitas announced a partnership with the national homelessness charity Crisis to support the “Renting Ready” programme across the UK. Renting Ready is a real world practical programme to help homeless people successfully transition into quality rented private sector accommodation.

The focus on the private rented sector is itself a practical reflection on the shortage of all types of social housing in many parts of the country. Through its investment activity Civitas seeks to promote the creation of additional social homes in England and Wales within the regulated sector.

More details of the partnership are contained in the press releases in the Media Centre.


On 24 November 2017 Civitas announced a partnership with the Choir with No Name initially to sponsor its “Big Christmas Singalong” event in Brighton  in December 2017 and thereafter to support the Choir with No Name across various locations. The event on December 15 was a huge success and Civitas is delighted to support such an excellent cause. To read more about the event, and CWNN, you can download the programme by clicking the logo above.

The Choir with No Name works with homeless and disadvantaged people and was founded on the premise that singing and taking part in group activities helps to build skills and confidence for the future. From an initial choir in North London in 2008, the Choir with No Name has expanded to Birmingham, South London and Liverpool.